About NEU HomeCare

About NEU HomeCare

Whether your a longterm customer or just heard of our exclusive cleaning products, you will find new products updates everywhere.

The NEU homecare product line has formulated alternatives to some of the most hazardous cleaning products used in the home. the line currently includes an automatic dishwashing liquid, manual dish soap, floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, and glass cleaner. all products are neutral pH balanced, and formulated with a unique mix of gentle organic detergents.

NEU products do not contain typical harsh ingredients like potassium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium hydroxide, phosphates, and silicates. because there are no aggressive or harmful chemicals in NEU, NEU homecare products are not corrosive to skin and are safe to use on virtually any surface in the home. We hope you love them!


NEU Homecare products are made and developed by ESS.

ESS extended it’s concern for safety and the environment into home cleaning products because people are often exposed to hazardous and polluting materials right in their own home without even realizing it.

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Neutral SolutionNEU homecare products offer the same cost effective cleaning performance while eliminating the safety and environmental concerns associated with common household cleaners.

Building on over a decade of success in the manufacturing market, ESS found the same types harmful and hazardous cleaners being used in the home. Everyday cleaners contained the same corrosive chemicals that ESS  replaced in the manufacturing arena. It was a natural progression for ESS to bring the same types of safe and environmentally friendly products to the consumer market. Thus the NEU homecare product line was born.

NEU Products are Proudly made in the USA by Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. (ESS) - NEU Copyrighted and a Trademark of ESS.